December 13th, 2012

Is this thing on?

It's been a couple years since my last post, but there might still be some people out there who will see this.

I mistake of reading through this entire thing in reverse a couple years ago, and it really put into perspective how angry and hypocritical I was. I've since done a purge of old posts. Most all of the political stuff is gone, and a few of the cries for attention as well. I was a real asshole in a few of them, and that ain't right. Pretty much anything that was pointless from my blue period, otherwise known as half a decade I spent drunk, is gone now.

I'm fairly happy these days. I still write quite a bit, but I've been trying to focus my efforts on more productive projects. I've gotten paid for a few short articles over on Listverse. Nothing major, just a couple hundred bucks here and there, but now I can put 'Professional Author' on my resume and hope no one asks for details.

Anyway, I miss you all. I tend to drift away from people that I really don't want to drift away from, but maybe it's not too late to correct that.

Happy holidays, everyone!