January 2nd, 2013


Nothing new to report. I've been working on getting the necessary permissions to write an article on colored pencil artists, but after several weeks I only have one response. I'm not sure how much of that I can chalk up to the holidays, and how much is due to other artists giving up on their websites and the emails created for them.

On the plus side, Mark Ferrari is the one who replied. Which is cool because his art is what gave me the idea to put this thing together. And he has a new website launching in a couple weeks as it turns out, so that's awesome.

Also working on some writings about invasive species, but I'm torn how to go about it. I had written an article on invasive plant species that I thought was pretty fascinating, but the site moderators disagreed. But there are just too many things to choose from to make one list that includes animals and plants together, so I was hoping to break it up to three: vertebrates, invertebrates and then of course the plants. The first rejection has me a little uncertain about how to proceed, while still producing something I'm proud to stand behind.