Professor Worm (profworm) wrote,
Professor Worm

Git off mah intellectual property!

So I've been all excited lately about some of the minor articles I've been getting published. I mean, I work really hard on them making sure that the things I think I know aren't completely wrong, but that excitement just doesn't even compare to how giddy I feel right now.

I just got plagiarized!

By one of the most popular websites in the world,!

Ok, so it's slightly grey area plagiarized, but VERY slightly. The language is barely changed in some spots, and he did have a lot more room to write in than I did since Listverse prefers a more compact format, but here are the two articles in question and you can judge for yourself. Theirs from yesterday, mine from December.

Now, I'm not really bothered by it. For one thing Listverse pays better, and it's not really my place to argue the point anyway since by accepting payment for the article I no longer own it... But still! I'm at least good enough for people to rip me off! Somehow that's even better than getting published in the first place!
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